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For a Dutch assurance agency, I wrote the complete customer product database. So all assurances, financial products, claims & correspondence were stored in this database. Again I used VB6 and the MS Access database.

This was a very small assigment, for filling a database. The customer is selling photos and their keywords need to be translated into Dutch. They provided the word lists, so the only thing was to swap the words :)

  • Never forget unpaid invoices?
  • Monthly tax overviews?
  • Automatic balance sheets?
  • Straightforward software?
  • Need company specific updates?
  • Easy customer management?
It's all possible with this new Invoice Management program: 'Factuur Beheer'.

Factuur Beheer is special developed for small companies, up to 10 employees. This program will simply manage all your incoming & outgoing invoices and makes nice overviews!

Have already a look in the Dutch manual ;)

This program is used by 'Kaceteo Automatisering' (selling) company. Actually it's also a sales order program, which easily handles products, prices, quotes, orders and packing lists. The program is intended for users, who are will to spend time in working instead of doing the administration.

I while ago, I went to America (Millford, PE) for programming an administrative tool for a sales company. This tool has to print out different forms, like Quotes, Sales Orders, Packing lists and so on from a database on a local network. The products where coming from Europe, so the pricing was little more complex.
After I finished a very good working database application, there were still some minor updates, like copying a form to MS Word and mailing ability. In total there were 27 updates, that's why FormMaker2K_27 is the most updated version. Here you see a picture of relations in the MS Access database. Throughout the simple design of the program, it runs very smooth and my client is still (2013!) very pleased :)