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The Master Mind game is about guessing the right colour code. This code consists of different colours at 4 positions. Now the player needs to guess the right code and gets some hint after each try:
  • white pins: right colour, wrong position
  • black pins: right colour, right position
    It's still unclear for the player, which colour belongs to which pin. So that's up to the player to find out. Well, it's not to hard for programming the PC, to set the black/white pins, it's more fun to program the solver algorithm.
    The solver should consist of:
  • Colour solver
  • Position solver
  • Combination solver (colours versus positions)
  • What-if solver
  • Colour selector
  • Position selector
    Right now only the first 3 solvers are implemented. Together with colour/position selector the code is working already. To be continued..

  • Second VB-Club game competition: create a snake game, like the one you can play on your mobile phone. With this version, it is possible to select your favourite mobile phone and play the snake game on the window. Unfortunately, I didn't win the competition.

    This version of Tic Tac Toe was created because of a competition of a Dutch Visual Basic club. In this version you are able to play against the computer: the brains of EdgE's AI ;) You may also select one of two less difficult AI's and you are able to change your player icons.

    Artificial Intelligence... hmm. Well, here I created a little maze program. When you enter a starting point and an endpoint, the computer will solve a (shortest?) path between those points. The program consists of:
    • Program interface, editing tool for the maze
    • Maze class, to store the current maze
    • Solver class, this part will search for a valid path (if any).
    It's still a little buggy, it only finds endpoint right and under the start point.

    This simple test program exists of 61 pictures. It was created to make test code for viewing an enemy soldier in a certain field. This because of a question in a Dutch Visual Basic club where the game Commandos was named as example. A German soldier has a triangle field of vision in a specified angle and is patrolling. The other soldier has 2 coordinates (x,y), so in just a small number of code lines, you are able to calculate if the soldier is visible for the German patroller. If the soldier is in the field of vision, he will be shot, see animation. Click here to view the source code.

    The Gamepic.dll is developed for programming platform games in visual basic. Download this dll and use it for your own purpose. What is does? Well first of all you insert a background picture into it, then insert some sprite pics. The Gamepic takes care of the API (transparent), so your only concern is the position and index of the sprite. Because Gamepic draws the scenery in memory first, your display on screen will be very neat and your animations run very smoothly! (See animation.)
    Click here for more detailed descriptions & helpfiles.

    The only game I wrote so far what is really running oke. You can play this with more players in 1 game, there is also an 'encrypted' score list and an undo button, if you did not like your turn :) If you press the small dice the program automatically lock's the dice you are throwing with.

    In the second year of the NHL-mechanical engineering collage, we had to learn something about programming in Visual Basic. Of course I didn't had to follow this, because my I passed already the basic programming level. The only thing I had to do, was to program the last exercise. Therefore I had to write a small game (222Kb), to shoot a bullet through open parts in 2 lines, where the only variables where, angle and speed. This was quite simple, so I wrote some more code, like checking if the bullet hits one of the lines, drawing a cannon and an option for also shooting through more lines...

    Maybe you still remember the old 286 game: AV.exe. (Just a couple of hundreds Kbytes) It's a kind of volleyball where you need to get the ball to the other side on the ground by hitting the ball with your head. If so, you get the next set point.
    But unfortunately the Pentium now a days is much too fast and so the game is not playable anymore. So I wrote a whole new version of this game in windows with cartoon hero: the Tazmanian Devil.
    (Unfortunately I lost parts of the program code, so it's not downloadable any more. There will come a new version, which will use the Gamepic for better graphical results!)