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I decided to buy a CO2 laser from metaquip.nl in the Nertherlands. I think it's the best deal, having quite big work surface (400x400), some space to expand this even further, relative cheap machine and the guarante that the laser is working, due to a final check with the Dutch supplier. This is also the first 60W in this table configuration. Here already a picture of the machine in the factory:

Some laser art:

After getting some experience about the possibilities of the laser, it was time to update the laser:
  • Together with Raimond (owner MetaQuip) changed from NewlyDraw to LaserWorks (both software & controller + drivers).
  • Next modification: update the bed size to: 625x450 [mm].
  • Updated laser area: 600x425.
  • Updated the bed frame, having less screws for adjusting height.
  • Created work table, for both laser and pc, which could be rolled under the work bench.
  • Added a beam combiner lens + holder, which is very handy, especially for focusing the laser.

  • Now this CO2 laser is ready for mass production!

    It's so much more fun, seeing this red laser line burning the wood!
    Thinks to do:
  • Need to place door-cylinder again.
  • Want to improve air venting. (And make this also available for the lath. Maybe a cyclone with filters...)