DIY Ultimaker 2+ Dual Extrusion - Switching principle (UM2s)


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Time to upgrade my UM2 to dual extrusion printer. I got this switching mechanism idea already a year ago, but never took time to realize. Since the first tests seems to be promising, it's time to show some results.

I got some mails now, about selling parts or requests for further info. If you don't feel familiar about updating your own printer, you better implement the "Mark2: The smart way to multi-extrusion" project. This is an active community, with a lot of how-to information, doing more or less the same thing. When you are able to do this, you should also be able to upgrade to this switching mechanism.

Still going strong, during this longer test: Dragons egg.
Print: 0.1mm layer height; PET white and PLA gold; buildplate 70 degrees.
Slicer: Cura 2.4.

Now the dual color printer is ready, it's time to print... So I designed some duplo compatible characters and printed the name of my new born son.
Printing his name took about 7 days no stop printing, w/o any switching problems.
Most characters could be found on